Case Study

“Fi is the master of infiltration, extraction and smart thinking. The knack of being able to truly integrate Fierce Ideas to become an extension of our team, bringing a passion for your business that is infectious.

Fi has the innate ability to extract and dissect conflicting opinions, thoughts and visions of various stakeholders to compile a succinct, meaningful response to all challenges that are slung her way.

This was proven when Fierce Ideas was engaged by Solotel to crack what others could not,
defining the emerging yet what seemed indomitable Barangaroo House brand. The challenge was creating a brand strategy with a master brand and 3 individual venue brands, whilst overcoming already formed opinions about the venue.

Tenaciously, Fi and the team tore through the challenge with vigour and class. The end result is amazing creative, clearly defined experience guidelines, and a detailed brand immersion plan for staff to be rolled out post COVID.

The level of detail, ability to capture specifics that matter was the key to success in solving this brand problem. The partnership between Solotel and Fierce Ideas continues with the development of brand strategies for iconic venues like The Clock, The Bank Hotel, The Sackville, and Kings Cross Hotel.

We choose to work with Fierce Ideas because they get us, plus it is a whole lot of fun!”

Tara SullivanDirector of Experience, Solotel Group