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Discovery >

We care about your “why” and do the groundwork first.


By getting to know you intimately, we extract gold and discover your strengths, your opportunities and, yes, even your weaknesses. From this we can map out a solution that suits your individuals needs and goals.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

We determine what we need to know up front to make sure our research is actionable.

Customer Profiles

Meet your perfect match.

Immersions and Brand Audits

We dig deep to discover what you need to keep you at the top of your game.

Smart Thinking >

The way we think is smart, inspired and boundless. 

Smart Thinking/Strategy

We employ our experience, intelligence and foresight to generate ideas that accelerate brand growth.

Brand Framework

We set the stones to get results.

Brand Strategy Development

We develop a plan of action to connect company to customer, brand to culture.

Ideation Sessions

We bring together great minds, trigger imaginations and never cease to uncover the original and the creative ideas to accelerate brand growth.

Channel Planning

With a maze of channels to consume from, we capitalise off of essential tech tools and our super smart specialist partners to make sure your brand ideas and stories are shared across the right channels to drive brand awareness and connection.

Brand Building >

We build your brand from the ground up. Focusing on design aesthetics, tone of voice, rules of engagement, and style, we generate visual and audio solutions to place your brand front and centre in moments of connection.

Creative Direction and Design

Creating the ‘face’ of your brand in all its glory.

Branding Kits and Style Guides

The ultimate tool kit to assure your brand makes sense to everyone involved.


Creating campaign collateral with an original approach and eye for detail.

Brand Story/Identity

Telling your story to emotionally connect with your audience.

Tone of Voice

Developing an entire kit to assure your words don’t stray or get lost in the fray.

Brand Immersion

We engage your teams and partners to ensure they understand and believe in your brand vision with a passion to deliver.

Content Creation >

We want to tell your story well, in a variety of ways, and through a plethora of channels, to make sure people are talking – and keep talking – about your brand.

Campaign Development

Employing innovative, original and creative ideas to tell your story.

Talent Negotiations

We have worked alongside big names and rising stars for decades so can guide you through these deals or happily do them for you.

Social Media Content

Assuring your socials aren’t just about the pretty pictures.

Podcast Content

Creating compelling audio ideas and stories that connect with your audience.

Web Content

The right words to get people intrigued and reading about you on the net.

Advertising Content

Want to let people know what you’ve got to offer? We’ll make you look your best.

Press Releases

Evoking opinion leaders and influential peeps to place your brand on the media map.

Social Media, Communications >

Social media and editorial can be considered the lifeline between brand and audience engagement. We let audiences get to know you on a deeper level through your social channels, driving engagement in smart ways.

Social Media Strategy

Fueled by your brand aspirations, we build a social strategy to connect with your desired people via multiple platforms.

Influencer Engagement

Building a plan and placing your brand in the right hands.

PR and Comms

We team up with the best in PR to generate ideas and storytelling that permeates culture, creating meaningful connections with restless and distracted humans.

Team Fierce Ideas - thank you for the tremendous effort you put into our brand and our company. From the first meeting right through to today your personal approach and brilliant minds have been an ever exhausting source of creativity and deliverability. We interviewed a number of agencies and are so glad we decided to work with you both. The initial stages of discovery and strategy, although exhausting, certainly ensured that what was delivered hit the target right on the bulls eye. You both delivered a franchise level brand guidelines doc that would be the envy of any company. From tangible signage to all digital assets your guidance on the bespoke approach is second to none. When I gave you the job I gave you the simple mandate “don’t fuck this up” I can truly say you delivered above and beyond my wildest dreams and the feedback from clients, staff, the industry and the community is overwhelmingly ‘it’s awesome”. We look forward to a long continuing relationship on both a professional and friendship level.

Peter MosedaleDirector, Upstate

Fi is Fierce. She partnered with us to create a Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan for our start up that is now the blueprint for our expansion into a global market. We particularly loved the workshops run by Fierce Ideas – they were smart and really powerful, giving the YBell team clarity on who we are as a brand and how we need to speak to our customers.

Michael HoppeDesign Director and Founder, YBell Fitness

Fi and her team have been amazing to work with from the get-go. Fierce Ideas handle my marketing and communications strategy and campaign ideation and execution delivery. I have used their services from the beginning to help launch my business and continue to use their services to grow my business. The team are creative and innovative with a great attention to detail which has helped us to get exposure in specific client markets and to grow our profile and client intake. I love Fierce Ideas boutique approach - nothing is too much for these guys! Excited to keep working together for many years to come!

Lucy BeaumontOwner and Director, Scout Pilates

I had the pleasure of working with Fiona on a consumer direct campaign – our first ever in the Oceania market – when she came up with the brilliant idea of collaborating with the YouTube-famous Bondi Hipsters to produce custom content. Fi was the glue for the project, on the ground through production, all the way through the post-production phase, but she really shined when it came to strategy. Fi was able to generate millions of views for the Portland brand in the Oceania market via an engaging and fun process, strong strategic thinking, production know-how and the ability to collaborate. Her approach allowed us to breakthrough, push boundaries and exceed our own expectations. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Ajay DateVP of Marketing, Travel Portland

Fi is the master of infiltration, extraction and smart thinking. The knack of being able to truly integrate Fierce Ideas to become an extension of our team, bringing a passion for your business that is infectious.

Fi has the innate ability to extract and dissect conflicting opinions, thoughts and visions of various stakeholders to compile a succinct, meaningful response to all challenges that are slung her way.

This was proven when Fierce Ideas was engaged by Solotel to crack what others could not,
defining the emerging yet what seemed indomitable Barangaroo House brand. The challenge was creating a brand strategy with a master brand and 3 individual venue brands, whilst overcoming already formed opinions about the venue.

Tenaciously, Fi and the team tore through the challenge with vigour and class. The end result is amazing creative, clearly defined experience guidelines, and a detailed brand immersion plan for staff to be rolled out post COVID.

The level of detail, ability to capture specifics that matter was the key to success in solving this brand problem. The partnership between Solotel and Fierce Ideas continues with the development of brand strategies for iconic venues like The Clock, The Bank Hotel, The Sackville, and Kings Cross Hotel.

We choose to work with Fierce Ideas because they get us, plus it is a whole lot of fun!

Tara SullivanDirector of Experience, Solotel Group

Fiona King and Fierce Ideas has had a huge impact on our sustainability lifestyle platform, Green + Simple both from a brand strategy and amplification perspective and via her mentorship.

Fiona is so genuinely passionate about what she does and it shows in every aspect of the way she does business.

Our deep-dive workshop sessions with Fiona helped us gain focus, prioritise tasks and also gave us confidence to pivot as our business changed direction. She is encouraging and motivating, with an innate ability to creatively adapt to any challenge or situation. She has given us guidance on video production, marketing, PR, digital strategy, the importance on building our profiles and brand, and more.

She truly is a marketing and brand professional and we couldn’t recommend her more highly. We relish every opportunity we get to work with her.

Erica Watson and Jenny RinglandCo-founders, Green + Simple